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Jekyll Static Website Source for Doctor’s Landing Page #

This is the source for the Jekyll static website project for a very simple doctors landing page. The production version can be found here.

website screenshot

Build #

Jekyll is a Ruby CLI and used as engine for Github Pages.

Ruby #

Jekyll requires Ruby 2.6+ so you might be required to install it.

Install Ruby itself:

apt-get update
apt-get install ruby-full
apt-get install nodejs

Install rbenv for easier switching of ruby versions

sudo apt install git curl libssl-dev libreadline-dev zlib1g-dev autoconf bison build-essential libyaml-dev libreadline-dev libncurses5-dev libffi-dev libgdbm-dev
curl -fsSL | bash

and add this to ~/.zshrc (or ~/.bashrc)

echo 'export PATH="$HOMe/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.zshrc
echo 'eval "$(rbenv init -)"' >> ~/.zshrc
source ~/.zshrc

curl -fsSL | bash

then install the desired ruby version

rbenv install 3.2.1
rbenv global 3.2.1
ruby -v

Then update the gems (Ruby package manager)

gem update

For details on how to do this on the Linux subsystem for Windows 10 see here.

Bundler and Jekyll #

Install the bundler:

gem install bundler

you may want to set the default gem path, so you don’t need sudo

bundle config path vendor/bundle

then, in the project root folder, install all the dependencies with

bundle install

You should be able to run jekyll now with

bundle exec jekyll -v

Develop #

With this command a development web-server will be started on http://localhost:4000

bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload

For more info see the quick-start section.

Build Site #

With the following command the website will be packaged and copied to _site

bundle exec jekyll build

Continuous Deployment #

Every Pull-Request will automatically deploys to a temporary Firebase Staging environment (link posted as comment in the PR by Github Actions) (Note: This will NOT be build with the production flag.)

Every main commit triggers a deploy to the Firbase Hosting through Github Actions.

Frameworks and Libraries #

License #

Proprietary: Patrick Favre-Bulle 2018

Patrick Favre
Patrick Favre
Software Engineer currently working as architect, backend dev, cloud engineer, IT ops rookie. Cryptography and security are my passions.