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Releases #

v2.0.0 #

  • added

Breaking Change #

In order to avoid split package problems, we renamed this lib’s main package at.favre.lib.crypto -> at.favre.lib.hkdf.

v1.1.0 #

  • refactor HkdfMacFactory to accept SecretKey types instead of byte array - helps to be compatible with some security frameworks #4

Breaking Change #

The interface HkdfMacFactory changed to accept SecretKey and two new methods where added for creating a secret key from a raw byte source and to return the mac length in bytes. See the default implementation for details on how to implement this if you need a custom impl.

v1.0.2 #

  • add OSWAP dependency check plugin to Maven POM #3

v1.0.1 #

  • update maven plugins and test dependencies
  • switch to maven wrapper

v1.0.0 #

  • add checkstyle rules

v0.4.4 #

  • fix signed jar

v0.4.3 #

  • remove obsolete maven dependencies

v0.4.2 #

  • make mac factory public

v0.4.1 #

  • some small bugfixes

v0.4.0 #

  • change api from extract(ikm,salt) to a more RFC compliant extract(salt,ikm) (also extractAndExpand())

v0.3.0 #

  • refactor ’expand’ byte handling to use byte buffer
  • rename package to at.favre.lib.hkdf

v0.2.1 #

initial version