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Patrick Favre

Patrick Favre

Software Engineer currently working as architect, backend dev, cloud engineer, IT ops rookie. Cryptography and security are my passions.



· · Java · 13 · v1.1.2
A simple script exporting chats from a rocket chat instance using the public REST API. Useful if no administrative access is possible.


· · 3 · v2
Global checkstyle config to be reused in different projects. These include my own personal rules so your milage may vary.


· · Java · 45 · v0.6.0
IDMask is a Java library for masking internal ids (e.g. from your DB) when they need to be published to hide their actual value and to prevent forging. It has support optional randomisation has a wide support for various Java types including long, UUID and BigInteger.


· · 2 · v20
A maven configuration which can be used as a commons config parent for POM files